We Believe That…

Learning and implementing healthy financial habits at a young age shouldn’t be difficult

According to a study done by the Council for Economic Education, students exposed to mandated personal finance education made better personal financial decisions than their peers with little to no exposure. Understanding the long-term benefits of knowing and implementing healthy financial habits, we believe it’s our obligation to equip the next generation with the tools necessary for success.

Our education program, TDC Life Academy, focuses on providing individuals with the tools and skills to help manage their finances and work towards financial well-being.

We strive to enable the next generation to:

  • Understand the impact of financial choices
  • Incorporate informed financial decisions
  • Set financial and personal goals in planning for the future
  • Manage various challenges associated with life events
What We’ve Been Up To

Life Academy is Proud to Launch RightTrak. A New Self-Paced Online Financial Education Curriculum.

Our Mission

Our program strives to provide financial education and life skills to help the next generation be independent and successful

We help accomplish this mission by offering different levels of Life Academy, each designed to help you better understand the fundamental foundations of managing money.

Free Online Resources to Keep Your Financial Knowledge Sharp

Our Life Academy website contains various reading and video content resources to help ensure students can learn the tools and tricks to put good financial habits into practice.

Free Financial Tools to Help Apply Learning to Everyday Life

Learning is one thing, but being able to apply that knowledge to your everyday life is critical to long-term financial success. We give you access to helpful templates and tools to do just that.

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